Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby Ava Lynn is Here!

There is a new arrival in my family... and when I say family I mean my friends, you know, the family you choose :)
Friends of mine just had a healthy baby girl!!! It seems to be the year that SO many of my circle are getting married and having babies!! Super exciting, with my own emotions being on a pregnant rampage, the tears just subsided now. Tears of joy of course! I am ecstatic for them!

Here in honor of their new baby I felt the need to make and post a new item that I've started to make.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

9 weeks to go!

Seems like only weeks ago I was ecstatic to share my news with the world. Now there are only 9 weeks left. I love that I am now counting down instead of up!

some days when I think of the excitement to come, I'm not sure 9 weeks is long enough to prepare, other days I wish it was tomorrow!!

I've been crafting like crazy mostly for the nursery, and apparently neglecting my blog in doing so. The handmade mobile and curtains were fun...working on a quilt now, so pics of that coming soon! Along with complete nursery photos, we hope to be done decorating in the next few weeks!