Friday, August 13, 2010

7 months later...a house!

and look how cute the boy is!
The tree in the front yard screams tire swing! (for me, what you thought for the wee boy)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baby Grayson James LeBlanc

Baby boy is here and 1 month old already! Motherhood is proving to be rewarding, challenging and a whole lot in between! Certainly no time for blogging and/or crafting of any kind :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby Ava Lynn is Here!

There is a new arrival in my family... and when I say family I mean my friends, you know, the family you choose :)
Friends of mine just had a healthy baby girl!!! It seems to be the year that SO many of my circle are getting married and having babies!! Super exciting, with my own emotions being on a pregnant rampage, the tears just subsided now. Tears of joy of course! I am ecstatic for them!

Here in honor of their new baby I felt the need to make and post a new item that I've started to make.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

9 weeks to go!

Seems like only weeks ago I was ecstatic to share my news with the world. Now there are only 9 weeks left. I love that I am now counting down instead of up!

some days when I think of the excitement to come, I'm not sure 9 weeks is long enough to prepare, other days I wish it was tomorrow!!

I've been crafting like crazy mostly for the nursery, and apparently neglecting my blog in doing so. The handmade mobile and curtains were fun...working on a quilt now, so pics of that coming soon! Along with complete nursery photos, we hope to be done decorating in the next few weeks!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pearl Jam!

Another amazing summer concert brought to you by Eddie Vedder, Mike Mcready, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament and Matt Cameron! Yesterday was such a treat, bad weather was looming all week but held off on Friday night for a wonderful day and gorgeous evening. Hubby and I took off work early to head into Toronto just after lunch. After a failed attempt to get a sweet spot to park, back to Younge st we went to our fave go to downtown parking lot and took a $12 taxi to Ontario place. (We realized later the GO train would have been better but...our excited brains weren't thinking I guess) It was bustling due to opening day of the Toronto EX or CNE and the concert later that night across the st. I think there was a ballgame that night too so the city certainly was bustling!
We picked up our fan club tickets and went into Ontario Place to kill some time wandering and sitting at a nice little waterfront patio. We met a couple friends at this point and chatted with a really cool backdrop behind us!
Here other fan club members gathered from all over the place to not so patiently wait for the stage performance we were all anxious for. We didn't have to wait that long as Eddie graced us with a 2 song acoustic set, both Neil Young songs...Cinnamon Girl and The Needle and the Damage Done. Eddie told us at this point that one of the members from the opening band had border crossing troubles and wasn't able to make it! More Pearl Jam performance for us!!!!! Mike Mcready came out to do 2 cover songs, Stone came out for a song and then Jeff and Eddie came out to play Bee Girl for us :) Here's the article from SPIN online. The band played an awesome mix of fave songs and entertained us while having fun doing it! Eddie sipped from his bottle of wine and had a couple cigs during Mikes awe inspiring guitar solos.
After the spectacular performance we found our friends again and waited for taxi while watching the CNE bustle in front of us. Lights and shreeks coming of Exibition ride terror kept us entertained for about 45 min until a cab stopped upon our frantic flagging. Back to the car and a 1hr and 1/2 drive home to Peterborough got us home about 2:30 a.m. sooooooooo worth it, but needless today I've been lazy!
All in all the show was FANTASTIC and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it!
I love you Eddie Vedder ;)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

♪♫♪♫What's Going on ♪♫♪♫

Here's my update, I feel like it's been a long time, but there isn't a whole lot new...
1) First ultrasound or sonogram if your American I guess :)-- FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC! I cannot explain the feeling of seeing your babies heartbeat before you even get to meet the little one! The baby dr. had to go deliver a baby mid-wait, so we were there for 4 hrs. Normally I would leave but I wasn't about to re-schedule for a day when hubby would'nt be able to make it with me. So 1st trimester is behind me and ready to move on to the next. I can't wait to meet the wee one!

2) New Haircut! YAY

3) Latest pieces- Copper and Sterling silver are the metals of choice. Hand cut, textured, oxidized, drilled all by lil' ol' me & at the expense of my tender fingertips. They hurt from all the metal of late
It's not just beauty that is pain, making beautiful things is painful too

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Forever and a day

WOW its been forever and a day! We are in our new place! painted cleaned top to bottom and pretty much settled. whew big sigh of relief. We feel very comfortable here and it already feels like home!!! The kitchen is light yellow with red accents and the living room is a soft beige on 2 walls and gorgeous blue on the other two walls. Bathroom is gray simply because the existing tiles were black and gray. All accents are teel, brown, white and black. Quite sharp looking! I am currently making white nearly sheer curtains for the bathroom. I've never had a window in my bathroom before nor the kitchen for that matter, I am loving the light in my new home! Its so bright and that makes it feel very spacious, yet lived in and homey. Friends gave me a big chalk board and I have painted the trim deep red...delicious juicy apple red. The bedroom is the same beige we used in the living room (cost effective and a very nice rich color) am currently looking for a divine sage color material to make curtains for that room. My search for fabric does not stop there either. I am in desperate need (ok want) of a white and red damask print for my kitchen window...nothing to heavy though. Light and airy tra la la is much nicer.

The baby progress is very fun for me and hubby!!! I am just 11 weeks and still feeling very tired and nauseated. That is my excuse for not blogging lately, that and the move of course. My belly has popped and I've already had to go shopping for maternity clothes! I love 2nd hand and vintage shopping as it is, so it has been fun treasure hunting for a different sort of fashion.

Mom's dollhouse is nearly complete and looking adorable! She has moved on to the inside decor and is coming up with all sorts of creative ways to make her own furniture, carpets and kitchen appliances!!! I owe and thank her for my creative gene, thanks mom!
ta ta for now.
happy belated Canada Day hoped all you Canadians enjoyed you day yesterday!!!
Stay tuned for belly photos and new curtain photos :D so excited!!!