Saturday, December 6, 2008

F i r s t S i l v e r R i n g

Yay its complete!

During my 8 week course at the Art School of Peterborough I learned to take my craft to the next level. Sawing, filing, soldering, hammering, drilling, I was really excited to buy my first power tools also!!! How fun it was!!! I can't explain how much it truly was exactly what I needed in my life at this particular time. With a 7 week stint of hybernation approaching, I will need to keep my hands from being idle. My need to create will be fufilled with plenty of time at my fingertips, away from the usual 9-5.

I was inspired today by a snowy, slippery day, to stay indoors (aside from a quick trip to Home Depot and the closest Tim Horton's) and start a pair of earrings, and another ring. For now, these are a couple shots of the first ring completed in my classes.

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