Friday, January 9, 2009

N o w W h a t ?

As soon as the little arrows that could were done... I felt it creeping in. That wandering, spacey feeling called boredom. I am really pleased with the turn out of the pair of sparklers I like to call "this way & that". I am feeling a lack of inspiration for my next...whatever design. Being laid off really quite stinks for a stir crazy gal like me. For the most part I can keep myself occupied with random crafts, cleaning and organizing (my apartment has never been so clean & tidy) or little walks and outings. I really hope cabin fever doesn't overtake soon. So for now I'll retire to the couch with a freshly purchased magazine and hope for some inspiration.

1 comment:

CarolynArtist said...

Those are very clever and pretty! Sorry to hear you were laid off. I can relate to stir-crazed!!!