Saturday, May 16, 2009

BIG BIG news

I AM PREGNANT!!! I found out a couple days ago that my amazing hubby and I are expecting... expecting what I am not sure since this will be our first. Expecting poopy diapers, tears, laughter etc etc etc.
I feel the need to tell everyone about it too. I'm sure this is quite inappropriate but I have never been more thrilled about something in my life.
I suppose the little dolly house from The little dollhouse co. my mom is making might be the first of two (if it's a girl)
So far there is a wee bit of heartburn, but mainly just exhaustion... I guess I better get used to it!

I was also a featured seller in my metalsmiths in action MSIA team on Etsy! This is exciting news for me also since, I had just been feeling like I was neglecting my teammates. I promise to be a more dedicated team member from now on. I will also make more pieces since I am feeling quite inspired!
I promise pictures next time (mom has my camera for her dollhouse progress).


Meghann said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am very happy for you and I pray you have many happy, blessed years with your new expanding happy, healthy family :D
My mom makes baby quilts and is disappointed my hubby and I aren't having kids - she wants to plaster our house with them, lol. I'm sure your mom will make lots of beautiful things for the baby!

Crystal Velvet Weddings said...

congratulations. hope it all goes smoothly!

juanita de la vega said...

Congratulations! Along with all the poopy diapers, tears, nightly cryings et cetera, you will have a soft bundle to stretch in your arms, that will make you think life is worth living! Take care of yourself!

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! This is most awesome news!

Funky Monkey Girl,