Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Showers????

Hello again
it's the weekend and here I am finally updating my blog again! It was a really nice weekend, beautiful weather yesterday. Today is rainy but that makes it PERFECT for shopping or crafting, or both. Which is exactly what I did. Helped friends paint a bedroom and rake the leaves at their new house. (So happy for them!) Then went shopping for a brand new swanky outfit for a Spring wedding that I am very much looking forward to! Always have good luck at Suzy Shier. I admit I love Le Chateau but I always leave there feeling broke and chunky. There clothes are for little people and I am not so little, not so big either but I am not meant for skinny girl clothes. I am o.k. with that...I may sound bitter, but that is not the tone I am trying to convey here :D
I also finished 2 identical rings today. Delightfully simple, sterling silver, concave rings!! One was to fill and order the other to list on Etsy.
Happy Spring everyone. I didn't do any cooking today, sorry for the lack of week, I promise!

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