Friday, April 10, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Friends came over for a Mexican Feast last night. That is all I wanted to do for my Birthday this year. The older I get the more I just want to get together with friends to cook, chat, eat and and be merry! I found out there is no baby yet :( so there was a little wine involved as well. Tacos, veggie quesedillas, vegetarian chili, guacamole and chocolate cake. (not very Mexican but delish none the less!)
Our friends Boston Terrier is the most energetic puppy EVER! And loves carrots...weird huh!!?? It was a really nice evening ending with all of us in comfy pants, curled up with a movie! I think we all needed elastic waistbands due to the large feast :)

I do not have to go to the day job for 4 whole days, it is freaking fantastic. I am hoping to get in a little crafting and shopping today, and Monday it's off to Toronto to buy metal letter punches!!! It will be my first trip ever to Lacy Co. very excited about this little day trip with mom and dad.
For right now I am content sipping coffee and doing the online diary thing. Hubby is beside me playing a wrestling video game.
It looks like a beautiful day outside; I'm going to make time to go for a walk today! I May need some rubber boots to slop around in the muddy woods.
Also on the agenda... a dinner with hubby's side of the family today, then tomorrow dinner with my parents. Easter weekend is always busy with birthdays (mine and mom's) and well....Easter.
Neither my thought process nor my writing skills are very fluid this morning. I seem to be just spewing thoughts at random. Maybe now I'll tell you about my amazing new kettle. It's red, shiny, whistly, and did I mention it's red! It was a gift from one of my best friends (and roomie) I'll share it with you, just 'cause I'm so happy with it. I've wanted one FOREVER!
He also gave me a moisture meter which helped me discover why I can't seem to keep any plants alive, and have really sad looking herbs. Hearty or not, if I have it for a month...I'm extremely lucky! The only plant haven't killed is my spider. I have my happy lil bee in that one, maybe that has something to do with it... hmmmm maybe I'll make some more lil lucky bees.


FunkyMonkey Girls said...

Happy belated birthday and your feast sounds yummy.

Funky Monkey Girl,

Wendy T. Gibson said...

Your birthday is the 14th right?

"The older I get..." lmao! Please granny!!!! You slay me! You must have some Capricorn in ya! Send me your exact birth date, time, location and a description of what your mom was wearing when you were born and I will send you a lovely and delightful birthday gift. K?

A red kettle is such an Aries gift that my mind boggles! What sign is your husband?

Maybe it was chocolate mole cake? In keeping with the theme...

Thats Pretty said... weren't late it was on the 14th! you were just in time :)

Wendy T. Gibson said...

wtf! "there is no baby...yet". !!!