Wednesday, April 15, 2009

post birthday blog

Monday was spent in bustling Toronto where I visited Lacy Co for the very first time. A pleasant little downstairs shop that carries a world of jewellery making tools. *Sigh* oh to have buckets of cash. Such is not the case for me so I settled for a few items that were pretty high on my wish list. Ring pliers, a ring display case and letter/number punches. The latter has a funny story! Instead of one letter I and one number 1... I received in my lovely little wooden case of punches, two number ones. so CHIVES looks like CH1VES. I am able to laugh about this as they were delightful upon my phone call asking for a replacement. One is currently in a bubble mailer on the way to me. No wait I is on the way...not one :) Confused yet?
After Lacy it was on to the Little Doll House Company. An adorable place for kids at heart!!!! I could spend hours at a time in there. Everything is so cute and teeny tiny small. I have always had a thing for anything tiny. Even miniature coffee and cheeze whiz jars for petes sake! Mom bought a gorgeous doll house which there will be many posts to come about I'm sure. It is a kit that you put together yourself and decorate once complete. The pictures here are actually of the finished in store model.
Can you imagine a 51 year old woman who has ALWAYS wanted a dollhouse, now finally let her daughter talk her into it! I am really quite proud of her. That may sound like a silly thing to be proud of, however when you have been taught that anything that is not absolute necessity is frivilous that is a hard thing to shake. I say live for the moment, there is only one today! If you want something for long enough and that urge has not gone away...give in to your guilty pleasure! If a hobby makes you happy and gives you hours of enjoyment, it IS a necessity!

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Wendy T. Gibson said...

Holy cow, your mom is young!!!! Plus, bring that dollhouse over here right now!!!!! I would so have gone mental there and can't wait to see the updates.....and if anyone needs any help.....: ))) You lucky ducks!!!!!! And I want your ring pliers!!!