Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rainy Sunday

Hello bloggers and blog readers
Back from a lovely brunch with some friends and feeling very full! Probably should be going for a walk instead of sitting here on the computer...I'll save the walking for this afternoon. I'm off to
see some little lambs and to wander around a small flee market this afternoon. A friend of mine grew up on a farm and has lovely leaping lambs right now. I'm really excited to go see the little guys. Super adorable!!!

I am also really excited as I have booked 4 spots at the Peterborough Festival of Lights as a vendor! I will be booked in for June 20 David Cassidy, July 11 U2 Elevation, July 18th 54-40 and August 12th Hotel California. It draws a really big crowd and will be the biggest venue I have been a vendor for! There is a lot of nervous excitement in my belly and am sure it will get worse as the dates get closer. I am gonna have to go CRAFT CRAZY to build up enough inventory! Definitely need to make a lot more silver pieces!!

Ever since I made my 1st Etsy treasury I have been totally hooked on curating these wonderful pages for everyone to look at. There is something wonderful about promoting items that totally deserve it!


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